Bonded Matzot

I happened to visit these pages one after the other:

The similarity is striking.

In a matzoh factory, batches of matzot are prepared within 18 minute time periods, after which all implements used to prepare the matzot are meticulously cleaned. This is because, in order to be halachically correct, matzot must not undergo fermentation, and 18 minutes is the time after which fermentation is presumed to have occurred.

In a bonded warehouse, goods may,

under supervision by the customs authority, be manipulated by cleaning, sorting, repacking, or otherwise changing their condition by processes that do not amount to manufacturing.

In both spaces, strict rules limit activities to arbitrary thresholds.

Water and flour may be mixed, but must be baked within 18 minutes, otherwise fermentation will be deemed to have occurred.

Goods may be cleaned, sorted, and repacked, but not more, otherwise manufacturing will be deemed to have occurred.

Both spaces exist to satisfy rules ostensibly handed down by higher powers, namely God and The State.

Hopefully such cursed spaces can be contained within their current boundaries, and further superstitious contamination can be avoided.