Policy For Manufacture

The complex priority system that the state is using in many countries to roll out the covid vaccine is reminiscent of this plane boarding algorithm:

Yes, it is optimal. No, it won't work in real life.

The state, of course, ignores this. Its reach exceeds its grasp, and we are left with fragile, sub-optimal, poorly implemented plans that are, without exaggeration, worse than a free-for-all, and much worse than market allocation.

The state makes the same mistake in all spheres, because it makes no distinction between designing policy and implementing policy.

The opposite of this is design for manufacturing, where designers of a product modify a design with manufacturing constraints in mind, even if it makes the design worse on some axes. The final outcome, of course, is substantially better.

The product is subject to fewer delays, costs less, and can be made in higher quantities.

However, we cannot expect the state to grasp this simple wisdom, for it is utterly bereft of the incentive to do so.